About Pelle Dolce

It is during the difficult and challenging moments in our life, we develop resiliency and drive that propels us higher heights. 2022 was one such moment...


I launched Ocean Boulevard in 2016, selling primarily neckties and other men's accessories. Admittedly, 2021, one of the toughest years in my life, I challenged myself to create a new product offering...something out of the box that would require some research. In 2021 I launched Pelle Dolce eau de parfum.

Fast forward to 2022, while on my own personal uphill battle, I was inspired to expand Pelle Dolce and make it a brand on its own. I founded Pelle Dolce on determination, grit and a simple desire to rise above adversity.

I refer to Pelle Dolce clothing as elevated streetwear, which offers uniquely designed pieces that combines high-end fashion with urban street style. My aim is to create the highest quality streetwear clothing and accessories for the fashion-conscious individual. I want to push boundaries and challenge traditional fashion norms with unique designs and high-end materials.

I am a strong believer in fashion is not just about what you wear, but also about how you wear it. I can't wait to see you express yourselves through your own style and make a statement with my designs.

Pelle Dolce. Luxury tailored.